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The state of Ohio needs more women on their boards and commissions.  View to find out information on the boards/commissions, why women are needed and how to apply.


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Women need to network and move forward together.  For a list of women and girl organizations found in Ohio look here.  Groups include sports, spirituality, equality, health, and entertainment.


equal rights amendment

equal rights amendment

Equal Rights Amendment (complete text)

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification

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Women in Ohio History


from Ohio History Connection, “Women have played a major role in the development and evolution of Ohio. They have contributed immensely to the survival of their families and their people. This was evident with native women and continued to be so as the first white women arrived in what would be Ohio during the 1770s.White women faced many challenges in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. They and their families lived in primitive conditions until land could be cleared and a cabin built. Having left friends and family behind in the East, many women faced homesickness and isolation. As Ohio developed during the nineteenth century, women made enormous contributions to life in the state. They contributed to the family’s economic well-being by making much of what the family needed to survive. In addition to taking care of the home and raising children, women provided medical care, raised livestock, grew vegetable gardens to supplement the family’s diet, made butter, candles, and soap, preserved food for the winter months, and made their family’s clothing, often from cloth that they wove themselves.

Women also made significant contributions to their communities. In particular, women were influential in developing churches and schools, believing that these institutions had a civilizing effect on society. Women also played an important role in reforming the wild frontier. They organized various reform movements, such as temperance associations, to try to instill good moral values in their fellow Ohioans. They also played important roles in other reform movements, including abolition and prison reform.

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, women continued to care for their families. Women increasingly found employment in Ohio factories. They continued to contribute to cultural developments in the state, especially in the arts, in reform movements, and in education. During the twentieth century, women’s contributions during World War I and World War II inspired many men and women to demand equal rights with men. While people still debate whether Americans of all genders enjoy true equality with each other, it remains indisputable that dramatic improvements have occurred in both the United States of America and in Ohio over the past two centuries since Ohio’s statehood.”

To learn more about the important contributions of women to Ohio’s history, visit

.Resources on violence against women can be found at

 Take the opportunity to visit The National Women’s History Project at for more information.

For a suffrage music video: Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage –


OWI  was founded in 1977 to bring women together to foster cooperation and collaboration to improve the lives of women and girls in Ohio.  OWI has promoted equality for Ohio women, recognized women leaders making a difference, and created resources to foster equal opportunity. The purpose of the OWI site looking to help women and girls in numerous ways.

  •  A list of women’s organizations in Ohio will increase networking opportunities.  Besides designating one page for the total collection of organizations, we have divided them into categories: health, sports, employment, spiritual, advocacy/political, ending violence education, and entertainment.  Certain organizations are listed in more than one category.
  • A calendar of events concerning women’s and girl’s events is also provided on the site in order to foster the communication and involvement of all Ohio women and girls. OWI provides you with the date, location, organizers, cost and more information provided by the organizations.
  • OWI invites you to also view the history of Ohio Women’s, Inc. in order to learn more about our organization and how it has developed its mission for women and girls throughout the years.
  • Information on joining state boards and commissions focuses on gaining equality in Ohio’s government click web page.
  • Finally, the Janet Orrtung-Morrow Fund is an organization that offers grants to women and girls in Ohio.  In the future, look for the web pages that will explain more about  Dr. Orrtung-Morrow and her fund.


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